To Normal Society, We Say: It Is Time To Catch Up!

I cannot help but ponder upon and wonder of, if all my musings and thought, the time spent in mental and spiritual exploration of this Universe, time spent in search of answers to the great philosophical questions which now seem so relevant and of such great consequence, if in the end of my time here on this earth as the conscious being I know myself to be, will appear to hold the same value then as now.

If the answer to this contemplation be no, then why is it I seem not able to do otherwise?

Could it be there is something amiss within my brain causing such? It is a dilemma caused by a simple chemical imbalance? Too little iron or maybe a disproportionate amount of this element compared to that element composing my physical body. Possibly there is a communication problem between the hemispheres of my brain. Or even a chronic, yet not terminal, case of misfiring synapses, something very much akin to a record spinning on a player, the needle caught in a single groove repeatedly playing the same notes, all the while each spin of the turntable allowing the needle to carve deeper and deeper this single groove until at last there is no hope of ever enjoying the song in full? Could it truly be something this elementary?

Let us say even one of these postulates be truth, what then? What is my recourse? Would I desire to partake of an elixir formulated to purge myself of such deliberation and study? 

As I sit here now I would be inclined to answer this question with a fervent no. To be desirous of change I would need perceive a quandary of, at the very least, significant and substantial proportion; and in all honesty, I cannot say this to be my reality. In simpler terms, I enjoy my affliction, if indeed affliction it be!

I would instead be more inclined to beseech any consciousness capable of extending me invitation to sit at the table of the Gods to do so.  There, I would rapturously eat of the Ambrosia and drink of the Nectar of the Gods, all the while pleading the case demonstrating my worthiness to participate in the ritual drinking of Soma.

To the Gods I shall proclaim, “Let the immortality and wisdom of Deity be my path, my destiny, my fortune and my fate! I can envision bliss of no higher a form.”

Do not misunderstand me, nor underestimate my mental capacities. Even though by the standards of normal society I may be perceived to be afflicted by an addiction to philosophical ponderings and ruminations, this “addiction” is not so deep-rooted and all-encompassing that my cognitive abilities have been impaired. By no means do I not realize that by normal society’s standards the response I would most commonly receive to my lack of interest in ridding myself of said “addiction” would be that it is a “normal” and “typical” response by one who suffers from any addiction; “Your lack of desire to rid yourself of this addiction is a symptom of the addiction itself”, is what most would say.

To this I would respond, “You are correct. I fully agree. For by its very existence Consciousness naturally desires to experience its Self, and the consciousness of addiction is no different than any other form of consciousness.”

Yet in my very next breath I would ask, “How many is it deemed necessary to adhere to a single idea, thought, concept, or belief before it is perceived as culturally acceptable? How many must acknowledge and agree to a new meme before it is considered commonplace in society? Is there an established quantifiable number, or calculable percentage of a total population who must concur and consent before normal society’s standards adjust their thinking to no longer view those such as myself; those whom they feel hold on to addictions of philosophical musings and reflections, as someone in need of a cure? If so, I would be ever so curious to know exactly how this numerical figure was arrived at.”

For you see, I have come to know beyond doubt, there are thousands, nay, hundreds of thousands of people, quite possibly people numbering even well into the millions,  whom concur with thoughts just as mine. 

So I would inquire, “How is it still possible that contemplative introspection in search of answers to the great philosophical questions of the true nature of consciousness and existence within our universe does not permeate, encompass and completely saturate the minds, thoughts and daily lives of all people? Why do such ponderings still appear to be confined to only those who live and exist on the fringes of normal society?”

I, and those many thousands upon thousands like me, believe it is now time for our nature and mindset to be part of the societal norm. And to those still existing within the old definition of normal society standards, we say to you, “It is time to catch up!”


Blessings from All Realms of Creation

Essence Ka tha’ras



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