Metatronic Frequency Report for 1/23/14: Resetting the Healing Foundation


Just as in the last few day’s reports we begin with a reminder of the work we are doing in the Cosmic Meditation for the Initial Healing of the Masculine Portion of the Collective Consciousness’ Psyche, and what our main focus for this Out-breath phase is.

If you are already familiar with this, simply scroll down to the Daily Frequency Report portion of this article.

Remember our focus during the second In-breath phase was on creating and holding a space where all could open to the Voice of their Higher Self by Expanding their Heart Chakra Center and thus begin viewing an expanded perspective of our Collective Reality.

During the four days of this second In-breath phase cycle we went within our Personal, Collective and Multi-dimensional bodies and created and held a space of Welcome and Safety for all those who are desirous of change, and want to take action to make that change, yet are still intimidated and fearful of doing so.

We focused on creating this space using the 99 Frequency of Universal Love Shining Forth and Divine Grace so that others may come in to their personal power and see and know beyond doubt… WE ARE THE CHANGE WE DESIRE TO CREATE.

Then on the 19th, the first day of this second Out-breath phase, we began exhaling this energy out to envelope all of Humanity and its Collective Consciousness and Reality.

We began lovingly exhaling this energy out to wrap Earth and all life on it in this Welcoming and Safe blanket of Healing so as to be of assistance in making Change in our Reality in a positive and Spiritually Expansive fashion.

Don’t forget, within this Welcoming and Safe blanket of Healing is held the realization that “Forgiveness” of self and others is essential to creating positive change in our Collective Reality. 

Through the 23rd we will continue to exhale this frequency and its energy out from our Expanded Heart Chakra in the same manner of Unconditional Love Shining Forth, bestowing the Sacred Gifts of Divine Grace.

Our Intention, Pray and Meditation focus for this Out-Breath phase is the bestowing of Divine Grace and Unconditional Love Shining Forth so that all wounds and harms may be Healed and Forgiven. We create and ask this so that All Beings of Earth may know they exist within a Realty of Safety where all are Welcome to Share and partake of the Holy Waters of Divine Love and Grace.

Daily Frequency Report

Today is a 4 Frequency day.

The I AM Keyword phrase for 4 is:

4 – I AM Form and Service

The 4 Frequency is about work. It is about creating limits, boundaries and a solid foundation upon which to build. It is represented by the Sacred Geometric forms of the Square and the Cube; equal in all ways and holding a unifying principle. The 4 Frequency, through the Sacred Geometric forms of the Square and the Cube brings light into your body and your life in a balanced manner, and assists you in holding your world in equilibrium. It helps you to build your life upon a strong and solid foundation.

The 4 Frequency teaches the lesson of steady growth through patience, and shows the value of a strong work ethic; but above all it teaches us about our work in Service to Others and about doing our share of any necessary work, both in the physical world and in the Spiritual world.

Being a single digit number, the 4 Frequency is associated with the Physical World and the Individual, and it holds a Masculine (+) Positive Charge.

The last day we had a 4 Frequency was the 5th of January. This was the day before we began the first In-breath phase of this Cosmic Meditation we have been doing since the 6th of January.

On the 5th, the 4 Frequency had a 99 Sub-frequency with it; this created the foundation and set the work for the Cosmic Meditation.

If you remember the reason for this healing work we are currently doing is to initiate the Healing of the Masculine Portion of the Collective Consciousness Psyche.

The Masculine portion of the Collective’s psyche suffered major wounds because of the overwhelmingly disproportionate Masculine domination of our planet and humans for the last five thousand years plus. And these wounds are deep and severe. For us to move forward in our Spiritual Awakening process as a Collective these wounds must be tended to and healed.

Today is the last day of the second Out-breath phase of this Cosmic Meditation, and the 4 Frequency of today is bringing us back into the very physical realms to set the Foundation of this work even deeper into the physical dimensions and realms before we begin the third and final In-breath phase of this Cosmic Meditation.

Remember, the 4 Frequency is about building and setting limits and boundaries in order to create and build a solid foundation upon which to work. It is about steady growth through patience, and about Work in Service to Others; and here the “others” is the Collective Consciousness.


Related to the Cosmic Meditation

Our added focus for today is to reset the Foundation of this work deeper into the physical realms so it becomes a much more concrete part of the consciously continued work of the Collective as we move into the final stages of this Cosmic Meditation.

The 4 Frequency Unifies and holds balance and equilibrium, so we will use the Sacred Geometric form of the Cube to visualize this Foundation being constructed and set into the physical realms.

Also during the next four days of the third and final In-breath phase, as we bring the energy of the 99 Frequency of Universal Love Shining Forth and Divine Grace into our Individual Energy Matryx Grids, allowing it to permeate every fractal particle of our Consciousness in preparation for exhaling it to wrap Earth and Humanity in during the last Out-breath phase, (in addition to each days individual focus), we will need to continue to Consciously Visualize this Foundation being created in a more physical way in our world and reality, so that when we move into next month’s work it will be in place for this Healing process to be maintained. For as we know, there is still much healing of old wounds to be done.  


IN-Joy working with today’s frequencies, and Thank You for your Service to the ONE Heart and Mind.


Blessings from All Realms of Creation

Essence Ka tha’ras


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