Metatronic Numerology Frequency Report: 1/19/14 – Second Out-breath Phase Begins


Today is a 9 Frequency day with a 11 Sub-frequency influence.

The I AM Keyword phrases for 9 and 11 are:

9 – I AM Unconditional Giving

11 – I AM Truth Illumined through Spiritual Revelation

This 9-11 Frequency combination was the frequency we stated the year 2014 with; and today is also the first day of the second Out-breath phase in our 22 day Cosmic Meditation designed for the Initial Healing of the Masculine Portion of the Collective Consciousness’ Psyche.

I have always shared that the easiest way to come to understand and experience the frequency of the 9 frequency bandwidth is to think of Mother Teresa and Princess Diana and the work these two women did, and the energy they embodied and projected to the world. The loving energy that floods over you when you connect with this image is the energy of the 9 Frequency.

The 11 Frequency bandwidth holds the energy of Initial Spiritual Awakening. Here is where Spiritual Revelations and Epiphanies awaken those who still slumber; unaware of the greater Spiritual Truths of our Reality, and it assists the Spiritually Awakened in further expansion of their perspectives of reality and Spiritual Truths. Within this Frequency we can more easily see, know and understand our Reality from an expanded and more spiritual perspective.

Today the 11 frequency is here to lend support to the 9 Frequency. It is here to assist in expanding your understanding of Divine Unconditional Giving and the difference holding this level of Giving and Compassion can make in the world when we apply it to our lives each and every day.

The 9 Frequency is about Unconditional Giving, and Unconditional Giving is giving to others without expectation of return.

We must also know and remember that Forgiveness is also an act of Unconditional Giving. Let’s look at this for just a moment.

“Psychologists generally define Forgiveness as a conscious, deliberate decision to release feelings of resentment or vengeance toward a person or group who has harmed you, regardless of whether they actually deserve your forgiveness.”

It is said,

“To err is human, to forgive is divine.”

What we must first recognize is that, this act of Unconditional Giving through Forgiveness must begin with our Self if we are to be of true assistance to the work of creating and manifesting a positive influence on the world and the Spiritual Awakening of the Collective Consciousness of Humanity as One.

You cannot lend positive energy to creating and manifesting Positive Change, World Peace and Equality while holding onto anger, resentment, pain, grief, judgment, and chastisement of Self (or others) over what you perceive as past mistakes; and to truly forgive others to the full extent of this energy, you must do so for Self first.

What transpires when you Forgive yourself is a complete release of energies that no longer serve your highest good or the highest good of the Collective Consciousness.

The 9 Frequency is also about Completion, and the act of Unconditional Giving through Forgiveness brings you to this stage of Completion. Once reached, this is a big step in your Spiritual Awakening process; for you cannot move forward to exist fully and continuously into the Master Number Frequencies until this process is complete.

Remember, as was stated in the quote above, Forgiveness is a Conscious and Deliberate Decision. You must want to do this work, then you must Consciously decide to Forgive, then you must act upon that decision.

Today’s 9 Frequency lends assistance in finalizing this work on all levels. So use this familiar energy to assist you in this work of Completion of the release of energies that no longer serve your highest good and prepare to step forward into a new existence in the frequencies of the Master Numbers in a stronger and more continuous manner.


Related to the Cosmic Meditation

Our focus during the second In-breath phase was on creating and holding a space where all could open to the Voice of their Higher Self by Expanding their Heart Chakra Center and thus begin viewing an expanded perspective of our Collective Reality.

During the four days of this In-breath phase cycle we went within our Personal, Collective and Multi-dimensional bodies and created and held a space of Welcome and Safety for all those who are desirous of change, and want to take action to make that change, yet are still intimidated and fearful of doing so.

We focused on creating this space using the 99 Frequency of Universal Love Shining Forth and Divine Grace so that others may come in to their personal power and see and know beyond doubt… WE ARE THE CHANGE WE DESIRE TO CREATE.

Today we begin exhaling this energy out to envelope all of Humanity and its Collective Consciousness and Reality.

We lovingly exhale this energy out to wrap Earth and all life on it in this Welcoming and Safe blanket of Healing so as to be of assistance in making Change in our Reality in a positive and Spiritually Expansive fashion.

Within this Welcoming and Safe blanket of Healing is held the realization that “Forgiveness” of Self and others is essential to creating positive change in our Collective Reality.  

We exhale this frequency and its energy out from our Expanded Heart Chakra in the same manner of Unconditional Love Shining Forth, bestowing the Sacred Gifts of Divine Grace as did Mother Teresa, Princess Diana, St. Francis of Assisi, and many others when they walked our Precious Earth in physical form.

Today, and during the next four day of Out-breath of the bestowing of Unconditional Love and Divine Grace Shining Forth may all be Healed and Forgiven. May All Beings of Earth know they exist within a Realty of Safety where all are Welcome to Share and partake of the Holy Waters of Divine Love and Grace.


IN-Joy working with today’s frequencies.


Blessings from All Realms of Creation

Essence Ka tha’ras




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