13/13/13 Daily Metatronic Numerology Frequency Report


Welcome to the Metatronic Consciousness Energy Round Reality

Birth of Metatronic Consciousness - Phase 6

Birth of Metatronic Consciousness – Phase 6


Today is the 13/13/13……… it is the 13th day of the 13th month of the 13th year of this new millennium. This is the day many Light Workers have been waiting for, for the last few months.

I’m sure many of you have noticed and wondered why the importance of this date, the point in physical space and time when we begin our Collective movement into the Multi-dimensional realms, has not gotten the long-term and extended worldwide coverage and notice the Shift in Consciousness of the Collective Consciousness of Humanity just passed through associated with the 12/21/12 end of the Mayan Calendar Round Reality.

If you remember correctly the last eighteen months or so, starting around early to mid-2011 before the 12/12/12, the whole world, including mainstream society constructed mostly of the Spiritually Unawakened, knew of and was talking about the Mayan Calendar and the End of the World that was due to happen on 12/21/12. It was hard to find anyone, from the age of kindergarten to your grandmother who was not talking about it.

The reason this was so, was because the whole of the Collective Consciousness of Humanity was being affected by that Shift in Consciousness. The Collective Consciousness of Humanity moved through the 333 Multi-dimensional Birth Portal out of the Old Mayan Calendar Round Reality existing in the 3rd and 4th Dimensions, into the New Mayan Calendar Round Reality that exists within the 5th and 6th Dimensions.

The Collective Consciousness of Humanity now exists in the very first veil of the 5th Dimension, and will have to Collectively Spiritually Awaken more and more, making their/our way through the 5th and 6th Dimensional Frequencies until they/we can Collectively hold a frequency high enough to enter into the 7th Dimensional Frequency Bandwidth where the Metatronic Consciousness Energy Round Reality exists. Just for the record, the Metatronic Consciousness Energy Round Reality exists within the dimensional frequency span of the 7th through the 11th dimensions.

The reason so few of us, in comparison to the numbers who were aware of the 12/21/12, are aware of and working with the 13/13/13 and all the work we are doing is because this “Shift of Consciousness” does not affect the whole of the Collective Consciousness of Humanity the way the last Shift did. It will eventually, but right now this Shift in Consciousness is a call to step up and begin the work of “What is to Come”. This is a call to Spiritually Conscious Trailblazers and Way-showers, and those of us who have always done this type of work; the work of opening the New Realities to make ready for those who will follow.

Sharing this information is not intended to create and add to the division of the Collective Consciousness of Humanity into an Us and Them. It is simply sharing that it is time for those of us who know it to be our Sacred Spiritual Contractual Work to step up to the plate and heed the call of our Higher Selves and take on the Responsibility we know is ours in this Sacred Work of assisting the whole of Creation in the Divine Plan of ONEness of further Spiritual Awakening and Cosmic Expansion.  

For those who have been working with the opening of the Metatronic Consciousness Energy Round, today is the day we take the first step out of the 444 Gateway Portal opening into the newly forming Metatronic Consciousness Energy Round Reality.

Monday December 16th, 2013 – the 13/13/13

Today, having consciously accepted our new level of responsibility as Planetary Healers by participating in the Opening Ceremonies of the Metatronic Consciousness Energy Round we take the first step as Conscious Trailblazers and Way-Showers into the Metatronic Consciousness Energy Round and stand firmly upon Terra Verum within 7th Dimensional Reality.

Here, within this reality and plane of existence our Spiritual Intuition and our Physical Intelligence begins to meld more fully into a Divinely Inspired Synthesis of Technology, Biology and Spirit as we now begin an activation process and a time of assimilation and learning of how to use our newly developing abilities.

Here is the information of today’s frequencies.

Today is a 7 Frequency day with a 77 Sub-influence and 444 and 777 Active Potentials influence

The I AM Keyword phrases for 7, 77, 444 and 777 are:

7 – I AM Intelligence Seeking Self

77 – I Am the Divinely Inspired Synthesis of Spiritual Intuition and Physical Intelligence

444 – I AM Multi-dimensional Expansion of Form

777 – I AM the Multi-dimensional Alchemical Synthesis of Technology, Biology and Spirit

The frequency of 7 is about Seeking and Study, Analysis and Understanding. In many ways, you could say 7 is the frequency of the mind.

Within the 7 frequency lies the energy of the Sciences and Technology; especially those related to the physical world. Many scientist and technology inventors have a strong 7 energy within their personal energy fields.

On the journey of spiritual awakening, the 7 bandwidth is where the desire to go within in order to seek a clearer understanding of Self and the workings of our Universe and how we fit into it all begins to become a priority in life. 7 is the frequency of the Sacred Mysteries and all things Spiritual, and here within this energy lies the initial gateway into The Sacred Esoteric Mysteries.

The frequency of 77 is about Creative Thought and Expanding our Perspective and our Reality. It is the frequency where the melding of our spiritual intuitive abilities with, and into a cohesive form with our physical intellect begins and transpires.

Within this frequency the Spark of our Divine Rational Mind, that lies dormant in the 5 frequency, is ignited.

The 444 Frequency is the frequency where the expansion of our Multi-dimensional Self and Reality begins in earnest. Here what has been conceived, (in the 111 Frequency), gone through a time of gestation where it prepared its self for birth, (in the 222 Frequency), and then was birthed through the 333 Multi-dimensional Birth Portal, begins to grow and move into existence in a much more solid and physical form. If we were to compare this to the human physical process of birth we would say the “Child has been born”.

The 444 begins the expansion and growth process of our Multi-dimensional Reality; it begins the expansion of the Metatronic Consciousness Energy Round reality.

The energy bandwidth of the 777 Frequency is where, through the use of the Sacred Alchemical processes, we begin working within the Multi-dimensional realms of reality in a much more mentally expanded way, and learn to bring together, blend and merge, the Technological, the Biological and the Spiritual aspects of Self and all their dimensions.

The Sacred Medicine of Crow has much to share with us in conjunction with this type of frequency combination. His Caw/Call speaks of Cosmic Spiritual Law, Knowledge and Wisdom.

Crow is the Keeper of Cosmic Law and Knowledge. Guarding the entrance into the Great Void he has the ability to fly deep into the Void where all Knowledge, Understanding and Potentials lie, and then fly back out of the Void bringing information with him.

Today’s frequency combination lends assistance, on an individual as well as on a global collective level, in beginning to see the bigger picture; because within this energy is where the Heart and the Mind begin to work in a more balanced and unified fashion.

This frequency combination helps us to not only know and understand the workings of our reality from a highly Spiritual and Cosmic perspective, it also assists in interpreting it into practical ways of using and implementing this knowledge into our physical world and daily reality.


One Sacred Technological tool available to us and of great assistance is the Lemniscate, (the figure 8 lain on its side).




Use the Lemniscate as an energy flow channel to connect the Heart (4th Chakra, where we hear the voice of Spirit), to the Mind (6th Chakra, where we interpret the voice of Spirit into information for the physical realms) and then activate its spin once this connection is made. This will open the Crown (7th Chakra our direct link to Spirit) in a way, and to an extent that is not possible in any other fashion.

With the use of this Sacred Spiritual Technological Lemniscate Mechanism, we have a tool allowing us to create a communications link that is clearer and a more direct access line to our Divine Rational Mind. This in turn assists us in existing in our Multi-dimensional selves and realities in a more tangible and substantial fashion.

This 7-77-444-777 Frequency combination is very intense and not something the Collective Consciousness has had much interaction with in a very long time. So today may be a somewhat intense day for many people.

I suggest you spend some time today just focusing on the energy of the day and it will most definitely be a great day for study of all things spiritual.

If you wish to know more about the opening of the Metatronic Consciousness Energy Round and the 13/13/13 simply click the link below…

Opening Ceremonies of the Metatronic Consciousness Energy Round –            Dec. 11th – 17th, 2013 – 13/13/13



IN-Joy working with today’s frequencies and…

Welcome to the Metatronic Consciousness Energy Round Reality.



Blessings from All Realms of Creation

Essence Ka tha’ras



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