Fibonacci Happiness

The Golden Spiral of Creation..... 0,1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34,55,89,144...

The Golden Spiral of Creation…..

If daily you incrementally increase your “Happiness & Joy Quota” using the mathematics of the Fibonacci Golden Spiral…


Just think where you will be a year from NOW!


Let’s just take a quick look at what the first few Frequencies of the Fibonacci Sequence are telling us.

The Golden Spiral of Creation

0- Out of the Vortex Energy of Infinite Potentiality, the Individual (1) comes together with another Individual (1). Combining their Selves/Consciousness they give birth to the Group Collective Conscious Mind (2), which in turn gives rise to the Creation of Joy (3). This Joy then affects and propels the Constructive Change (5) necessary to Manifesting a World existing within a Secure Physical Reality (8)…

The Frequency of Happiness & Joy will, (and are), Create a Planet of Peace and Equality. This is where we begin in manifesting a Secure Physical Reality for our Planet and Everyone on it.

Begin today increasing your “Happiness & Joy Quota”.

Be a part of the Great Constructive Change!


Blessings of Happiness & Joy from All Realms of Creation

Essence Ka tha’ras



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