Update on article “Lucid Dreaming…. A Tool For Creating A New Reality”

Greetings to All,

I wanted to quickly share a bit of information and a link with you all.

Four days ago I posted an article entitled Lucid Dreaming… A Tool For Creating A New Reality.

This article was spurred on by a sharing from Seeker Project 4 Spiritual Exploration on Facebook. Today I saw a post on the FB page of Quantum World: Awaken Your Mind on Lucid Dreaming. It gives a really quick overview of how to begin training yourself in the art of Lucid Dreaming and also it has a link to a program you can purchase if you wish too.

I am NOT familiar with the program, nor have I ever used it,

so I am NOT giving it a personal endorsement.

I am just sharing this in conjunction with the article I wrote.

In the article I stated:

“I would have to say…… as for waking from this Dream we call “Reality” it is very possible we have a larger Dream Journal in another Dimension in another Reality in which we will/are writing the details of this Dream. I also see this question as an impetus to spur the use of “Lucid Dreaming”.

The use and mastery of Lucid Dreaming has the ability to show us exactly how it is we can Create our own daily Reality in a much more Conscious manner. For when you see and understand that you can control where and how you move, react and even what you dream about in your sleep, and then make the correlation that the Reality of what we call the “Dream State” is no less real than this “Waking State” we term “The Real World” you easily make the cross over into understanding Creating “Reality” in the waking “Real World” state works the same way.”


Please read the article in full at the following link

 Lucid Dreaming…. A Tool For Creating A New Reality


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