The Caw of Crow

Crow Cawed to Raven... "Come sit with me"

Crow Cawed to Raven… “Come sit with me”



The Caw of Crow  is a poem I would like to share with you all. To me it speaks of the Magickal place and time we exist within now as we move forward in manifesting more concretely the Mulit-dimensional Reality dimensions into our Physical daily world and life.

We truly are Blessed to be Consciously living and participating in this Co-Creative process.

I hope you enjoy the words, imagery and energy of these Sacred words, and allow it to transport you to where the winds on your Sacred Path carry you.


Blessings from All Realms of Creation

Essence Ka tha’ras


The morning of September 15th, 2013 I saw a post on Facebook by Shadow of the Wolf & Native Wisdom & Poems of the Heart about Crow. It was the inspiration for the following poem. As soon as I began reading it these words and images came flooding through. I want to thank them for their work in this Sacred Journey of Life we are all sharing. Together we ARE Creating a New Reality.

Also, I would like to dedicate this Poem to two Dear Star Sisters in particular. Rainy Boland of The Luminous Garden, and Joan Deickman Brockett. Truly does the energy of the Sacredness of All Nature run through your veins. Each of you is a True Blessing in my Life.

Essence Ka tha’ras



The Caw of Crow

Crow cawed to Raven, “Come sit with me,

and all the wonders of Spirit’s realms we shall see”


So Raven flew in on yesterday’s wings

and together they knew all magickal things


An invitation, “Come join”, to Lizard was sent

Then suddenly appeared he, through lightening rent


Said they “Help us to dream a reality new”

For full well knew they Lizard’s medicine be true


Lizard replied. “A New World I can dream,

But Dragonfly we must call, if Illusion it not seem”


Dragonfly quickly did answer their plea

avowing “We shall need Grouse, if movement there be”


Grouse simply appeared in a Spiraling cloud

“Let movement begin”, spoke he in a voice subtle yet loud


Eagle flew over, Hawk by his side

As Butterfly landed, not daring to miss this ride


“Transformation is released”, Butterfly stated

To which Eagle replied, “Spirit is Elated!”


Knowing time had come, Hawk circled once again

“I will give flight of the message” said he, “to our Human Kin”


Essence Ka tha’ras

Written: 9/15/13 11:44a.m.


© Essence Ka tha’ras 2013