Equinox Frequency Report; plus combined report with Full Moon

Aktu Bringer of Light Lord of Multi-dimensionality

Bringer of Light
Lord of Multi-dimensionality

The energies and frequencies of this Equinox are varied and powerful, with many frequency strands woven into its make-up and what it is radiating and reflecting into our reality.

This Equinox is giving us, as a Collective Consciousness, our first taste of true Multi-dimensionality. Within the frequencies of this Equinox there are multiple layers of frequency combinations at work. So many it would take too long to write about and explain them all, so I am only going to share information about the two strongest.

The first layer, or dimension, is really aimed at; let’s just use the term, the everyday reality of our physical world and the “unawakened” portion of the Collective Consciousness of Humanity.

This Frequency combination is that of the numbers 11 and 44.

The I AM Keyword phrases for these numbers are:

11 – I Am Truth Illumined through Spiritual Revelation

44 – I Am Structured Power and Metamorphosis

Just by looking at the Keyword phrases we see this energy is about assistance being given to the everyday reality mindset of humanity to help them/us through this time of birthing and transition as we move into the expanded reality of Multi-dimensionality.

This energy is aimed at assisting in the further awakening of the portion of our Collective Consciousness that is still Spiritually unawakened, and interestingly enough, its main focus, or the center point of where the beam/ray of light is being directly aimed at is the ruling bodies and/or Structured Power portion of the Collective Consciousness.

In other words, assistance is being directly aimed at the ruling governmental systems of our world. This is being done in order to assist in the expedient change necessary for a Metamorphosis into a New World of Peace and Equality.

Don’t misunderstand, everyone is affected by this frequency’s light, it is just the center of the ray is aimed at restructuring the governing and ruling systems of our planet as a place to start that will make worldwide change the fastest.

This is about the whole of the Collective Consciousness waking up enough to effect how we live upon this planet in a Peaceful and equally beneficial way for every country and every person.

The next layer, or dimension, is aimed more directly at those of us who are already Spiritually Awakened to an expanded reality. This frequency combination is aimed at being of assistance to the work of those us most commonly referred to as “Lightworkers”; those of us who understand reality is more than what can be perceived of, and held as all there is by mainstream society’s beliefs.

The Frequency combination at work here in this dimension is that of the numbers 111 and 444.

The I Am Keyword phrases for these numbers are:

111 – I Am Multi-dimensional Thought Energy Set into Motion

444 – I Am Multi-dimensional Expansion of Form

As you can plainly see by the I Am phrases, we are working within the Multi-dimensional realms here with this energy.

If you refer back to the Frequency Report of the Full Moon/Harvest Moon, (Spring Planting Moon for some), you will remember that within the frequency at play there we saw the beginning of the birthing process of the Collective Consciousness out of the Galactic 3rd Chakra energy into the Galactic 4th Chakra energy. This birthing, or “Shifting” takes the Collective Consciousness out of the Individual/I/Me focused reality into the Group/Us/We focused reality.

The 111-444 Multi-dimensional Frequency combination is being beamed upon us to assist in this birthing process into the new territory of Multi-Dimensionality into which we are moving.

Very simply stated, the 111 Frequency is that of Initial Conception and First Movement, (you can liken this to the initial cell division in a fertilized egg), into what will eventually be fully developed, and the 444 Frequency is the process of the growth of this fertilized egg; (Expansion of Form).

As Lightworkers who understand this, we can tap into this frequency energy and come together to work at, and feed, this newly developing understanding and movement into the Multi-dimensional realms.

There is so much more that could be shared here, but this should give you a better understanding of what is at work here within the frequencies of this Equinox and at what is at our disposal in the work of us being responsible for the Co-Creation of our newly developing future reality.


I know this doesn’t make much sense yet, but as I share information about the Metatronic Consciousness Energy Round in the next few days it will begin to.

In one sense, the 11-44 Frequency combination’s influences belong to, and exist within the “New Mayan Calendar Round” reality, and the 111-444 Frequency combination’s influences belong to, and exist within and speak to us of the Metatronic Consciousness Energy Round reality.


Now I would like to move on to sharing a bit about what is created and at work with the combined Frequencies of the recent Full Moon and the current Equinox energies.

Remember this energy runs from Wednesday, September 18th, 2013 though Tuesday, September 24th, 2013 with a day of setting and anchoring all the work done under the alignment of these two events, (as well as the work of the recent Multi-dimensional Portal opening), on Wednesday, September 25th, 2013.


The two individual energies of the Full Moon and the Equinox combine and create a third energy consciousness.

This third energy consciousness is a Group Collective Conscious Mind, individual unto its Self. You can use the analogy of two parents creating a child.

The Frequencies associated with this third consciousness are 33, 77 and 44.

The I AM Keyword phrases for these numbers are:

33 – I Am Compassionate Consciousness in Universal Service

77 – I Am the Divinely Inspired Synthesis of Spiritual Intuition and Physical Intelligence

44 – I AM Structured Power and Metamorphosis

The Full Moon Frequency of 33 is the Feminine energy (Mother), and all the information pertaining to the Full Moon is still at work here.

The Equinox Frequency of the 44 is the Masculine energy (Father), and all the information pertaining to the first layer/dimension of the Equinox is also at work here.

For the sake of simplicity, we can say the 77 Frequency is the main Frequency at work associated with the third consciousness, so let’s take a look at that.

Remember, the I AM Keyword phrase for 77 is…

I Am the Divinely Inspired Synthesis of Spiritual Intuition and Physical Intelligence

This Frequency helps to strengthen the communications link between the Spiritual and the Physical Realms. With the bringing of the Spiritual realms and the Physical realms into closer proximity we begin to be able to more clearly hear and understand the communication between these two realms, or dimensions if you will.

The language spoken in the Spiritual dimensions and the language spoken in the Physical dimensions are now beginning to meld, or be synthesized, into one more all encompassing, more expanded language. With the assistance from this frequency being in play, we begin to understand more clearly how the Spiritual interacts with our Physical world. This includes everyone, even the Spiritually Unawakened.

This also positively affects communication between humans and the Devic Kingdoms of our planet; i.e. plants, animals, stones, crystal and minerals, rivers, lakes, oceans and all bodies of water, etc.

The Synthesis of communication between these two realms/dimensions is, (and will continue to be as it strengthens), extremely important in the processes of the Spiritually Unawakened awakening, and with the creation of a Reality of Peace and Harmony upon our planet, as well as extremely important to us as Lightworkers as we lead the way into the newly opened and expanding Multi-dimensional Realms.

Like I said before, there is so much information associated with this Full Moon and Equinox it would take too long, (right now) to write about it and explain it all. So I am going to stop here.

I hope the information I have shared will be of assistance to you, and to us as the Group Collective Conscious Mind we are creating.

Enjoy working with the energies of this Full Moon and Equinox, and I will see you in the Multi-dimensional Realms of Reality soon.


Blessings from All Realms of Creation

Essence Ka tha’ras


Two last things.

1) I am sharing a “picture” of an Energy Consciousness known to me as Aktu.

“HE” is one of many known as a “Lord of Multi-dimensionality” and is a representation of a form we can easily relate to, of the energy of a Group Collective Consciousness here to assist us at this time as we begin moving consciously into Multi-dimensional Realms and Reality.

He/They, this Energy Consciousness, does the work of, and is known as a “Bringer of Light”.

He is associated with a much more expansive Group Collective Consciousness that “exists” far beyond our current Universal Reality, known as the Ki Omegeya, (also referred to as the Zi Omegeya).

You can simply use this picture to tap into the energy sent to assist us in this work and thus have access to it to help you in your individual work, as well as the work we do as a Group Collective Conscious Mind.

2) I recorded a meditation Kyra and I did yesterday associated with this information.

I am not a computer Guru..lol, but… (and it is a big but…) if I can figure out how to share it I will.


Blessings from All Realms of Creation

Essence Ka tha’ras