The Gang of 1979…. A Moment of Shared Time Reality

Recently I purchased a book entitled:

The Return of the Rebel Angels

The Urantia Mysteries and the Coming of the Light

by: Timothy Wyllie

As I sifted through the pages of this book upon first acquiring it, for some reason the authors mention of the ancient Christian Sect known as the Cathars stood out for me. I was already familiar with a very basic knowledge of the Cathar movement and knew they and their beliefs were considered heretical by the early Christian Church, but never felt any desire to research them or what they believed any further, and interestingly enough, still don’t. Still I found myself posing the question about what anyone else might know or feel about them on a forum site I belong to; one run by a good friend of mine, known as The Luminous Garden. Another friend who belongs to this same site responded, and during our exchange of information on the topic of The Cathars, this article, let’s calls it, was born. The most interesting thing about all of this to me is the fact that this article has, as far as I can see, absolutely nothing to do with The Cathars; and neither myself nor my friend really seem drawn to knowing any more about them than we already do. So, with that part of this story told, I now move on to what was originally born from all of this; which interestingly enough, doesn’t really seem to have an extremely poignant concept or reason to it, other than for me to share an entertaining story from my personal life.

Like I shared on The Luminous Garden, “Sometimes we just have to acquiesce to a larger picture Spirit has in mind that we do not see yet. So that is what I am doing.”


I’m going to share something about myself. Nothing really exciting, just a simply fact. In my early life, (this lifetime…lol) I did not like to read. I was more into writing. Actually that is not altogether correct either. I think I would have to say I was more into socializing than anything else. To this day, I have still not read any of what mainstream society calls “The Classics”, except for a bit of Shakespeare, (mostly in bits and pieces), Dante Alighieri’s, Divine Comedy, which I thoroughly enjoyed, and most all of the works of Joseph Campbell, although I am not sure if mainstream thought holds his work among their entitled “Classics” or not. These are the types of works I cut my literary teeth on. In this type of literature I found something of interest to me. I am sure what is considered among “The Classics” is of great value on many levels; I have just never been drawn to read it. As I write this, I am struck by the supposition that the reasoning for my lack of interest in “The Classics” is because I abhor drama. I had enough drama in my life in those earlier days, and I have worked very hard on myself, and the drama I created and allowed into my life, in order to eliminate it. I am still very conscious of what I allow into my life so as not to create any undo drama. I find the energy of drama to be extremely draining and a waste of my time and efforts.

Now, on with the sharing of my nonessential personal revelation.

At the age of somewhere between 19 and 21ish, I began the second phase of my Spiritual Awakening in a truly earnest form. Suddenly I couldn’t read fast enough, but only those types of work that dealt with subjects such as Astrology, Numerology, Shamanism, Quantum Physics, Alchemy and Magick, the Kabbalah, Ancient Civilizations and their beliefs, etc., and what we will, for lack of better, term New Age Spirituality. Now some thirty plus years later, when I go to the bookstore, (which is still one of my favorite pastimes), I find I have a personal New Age Library that far exceeds what is currently offered for sale in the mainstream chain bookstores, and most of what is “new” in the fields that interest me is a rerun of information I already possess; this is not an attempt at self-aggrandizement, it is just my truth. For two and half decades or more, I read A LOT… as have many just like me. So when I find a book that interests me enough to buy it these days, I am always extremely excited. Yet, in the last several years I find that even when I get these newly acquired tomes home…(okay, you have to admit that is funny… LOL), I still seldom sit and read them from cover to cover as one usually will with a book. Instead, I find myself taking a pedestrian stroll, leafing my way through the pages in search of the one or two messages I know Spirit has brought my way via my recent purchase.

The reason for sharing this bit of pointless information about my reading habits is related directly to the book I just shared with you.

I will say, this is a book I would suggest to anyone on a path of Spiritual Awakenment. One I feel they should highly consider reading; even those who have been on this path for a very long time.

Do I think the book will effect everyone who reads it in the same manner it has me? NO. Do I think the information in the book is life changing and anything I did not really already know? NO. Do I recommend the book? YES. The book is really mostly the telling about one man’s, Timothy Wyllie, spiritual journey; yet as I read it, I got the sense information and knowledge beyond what is in the words printed on the pages was being passed my way. I guess I would say there is knowledge “encoded” within the energy of its words.

I am going to share what has been my own journey with this book.

Several weeks after purchasing the book, I finally decided to give it a look to see what it had to offer me. True to my current reading habits, I started sifting through the pages for what I would deem the messages in it sent my way. I soon found myself reading several consecutive pages, almost a full chapter, much more so than I usually do. What then transpired was I decided to go ahead and start reading one chapter previous to where I had originally begun, which turned out to be the start of Part Two, entitled Life in the True Age. After reading the second half of this book, I then decided to go back and read the first half of the book in full. I have now almost completed the whole book, even if I did not read it in the sequence it was written. This speaks volumes to me.

In reading this book I have found that, even though he is almost 20 years my senior, our journeys along the Spiritual Path have been very much akin. Not necessarily in the physical journeying, but something about the energy is very alike and familiar to me. Maybe that is why I resonate so strongly with what is written on its pages.

I would like to share with you what transpired the day I purchased this book. I must say; I still chuckle when I think about it.

It was either Tuesday, January 24th, or Tuesday, February 7th, 2012, and I was at a friend’s house. Some six or so months earlier, We, a group of friends who are all spiritually minded and very serious about our spiritual awakening and growth process had begun meeting at this friend’s house once a month to share and learn. I don’t really remember the details about what we were talking about at that particular moment, but I do recall sharing something pertaining to, and having a connection to, my personal spiritual journey from many years earlier. As I shared this particular bit of information I did some mental calculating and thus was able to share the time I had experienced whatever it was I was talking about having occurred sometime in 1979. When I said the date 1979 aloud I was flooded with memories, emotions and energy of that time period in my life and all the excitement it had encompassed within it. Sitting there in the living room of my friends house in Beaumont, Texas, I was transported, and I hesitate to use the word “back”, because it was more like being in both places at the same moment in time, to sitting in the home of friends among another group of people I had shared with, and learned from, thirty plus years before. I could see their faces, and hear their voices. I could feel the energy of where we were, sitting in the home of a free spirit, safe and serene in a bungalow nestled deep in the hills of Eureka Springs, Arkansas. I could hear the music of Shawn Phillips playing on the turntable, and smell the sacred Nag Champa incense burning; I could even taste the infused wine we were drinking.

Today I am one of the learned Sages others look to for knowledge and guidance, but in those days, I was the neophyte. I remember sitting in on many informal circle gatherings with groups of so-called “hippies”, as they all shared their stories and experiences of growth along their spiritual path. You see, the dichotomy of all of this at that time, was that I had been born into, and raised in a Pentecostal Assemblies of God family, when at the age of sixteen I could no longer abide what I was being told was truth. So I went in search of something that would make more sense, something that would ring of truth in my soul. I “KNEW”, with every fiber of my being, what the belief system I had been brought up in wanted me to accept as not only their truth, but as “the one and only truth”, did not fit what my heart, soul and mind told me was the truth of my reality.

Existing in that moment of shared time reality, I remembered how much of the time in those early days, what the people I was privileged enough to know and be allowed into their inner circle were talking of, were concepts I had no context in this lifetime with which to compare the information they were imparting. Yet I felt more at home and safer than I had ever felt in my life, and I knew I wanted to know more. I wanted to understand. All of that transpired in a few seconds as I sat in the monthly gathering of friends in Beaumont, Texas.

I quickly shared with everyone there what I was experiencing and let them know my birth mother, Fancy Nancy[i] as she was known, (and who has now been deceased for a little over two years), had just joined us. It was through going to live with her at the age of sixteen I was introduced to the people, places and concepts that quickly accelerated my spiritual growth. You see… my birth mother was one of the hippies in those circles of 1979.

We moved on in our conversation in the reality that was taking place in Texas, and after a few minutes I excused myself to go use the restroom. Once in the restroom I closed the door, and as I did the room suddenly filled with of all the people I had been sitting in circle with in Eureka Springs in 1979.

Now, I have not had any type of physical conscious contact with those individuals for well over twenty-five years; except for my birth mother, when my sister, my daughter, my Aunt and myself sat death vigil with her back in January of 2010. I can tell you sincerely, since mother’s death, I have constant contact with her. As a matter of fact, we talk more now that she has crossed through the veil into the non-physical realms than we did for the last ten years of her life here on earth. Yet even though I hadn’t spoken to any of these people for half of my lifetime, there they were in the restroom with me in Beaumont, Texas. I got so tickled, I was actually laughing out loud. I remember telling them all I thought they could have chosen someplace other than the restroom for a reunion, and how it was a good thing they had only shown up in the etheric; not only for my physical privacy, but because the restroom would have been really crowded otherwise. I found it interesting that somehow I could distinguish between the energy of those who had passed through the veil and those who were still alive, even though, except for Mother, I have no earthly idea who is still alive and who is not. As I laughed and talked to this throng of friends from days past, I told them, “I really hope the others don’t hear me in here laughing. They’ll think I’ve lost it.”

I washed my hands, and as I opened the restroom door to return to the gathering in the living room, the crowd of 1979 all went their merry way, except for Mother who stayed for the rest of our meeting. Upon returning to the living room, I shared with everyone what had transpired in the restroom, and we all had a good laugh, and finished our regular monthly meeting. Thank goodness for friends who are as weird as I am!

I left my friend’s house and headed for the local Barnes and Noble bookstore. Having previously made plans to meet another friend for supper, (one who could not attend the meeting due to her work schedule), I had time to kill before she got off work to meet me. So I decided this would be the perfect opportunity to spend some time alone at the bookstore, something that doesn’t happen very often. That is where I ended up purchasing Timothy Wyllie’s book, The Return of the Rebel Angels.

My friend and I were meeting for supper at the mall and its parking lot adjoined that of the bookstore.  So I finished my alone time in the bookstore and drove to where we planned to meet. Once there I decided just to sit in my car until she arrived. Sitting there waiting, I took my recent purchase out of the bag for a closer look. I pulled out Timothy’s book and randomly opened it. Here is the first sentence I read.

“Recently I read through an essay I wrote back in 1979, somewhat pretentiously titled “Some Speculative Scenarios on the Future of the Human Race.”

As you can well guess I only made it through the first part of that sentence before busting out in uproarious laughter.

I immediately stated out loud to myself, and to the rest of the Gang of 1979, “You have got to be kidding me!”

Did I instantly know Spirit had brought me this book for a reason? OH YES!

I laid the book down and called the friend whose house we had met at. I just had to share with her the amusing and continuing epic saga of the Eureka Springs Gang of 1979. Then I of course, shared the complete and unabridged version with my friend over supper.

This book has been a truly wonderful experience; both because of what Timothy Wyllie has shared, and because of the continued sharing of both groups of friends I work with; the Beaumont, Texas group of 2012 and the Eureka Springs, Arkansas Gang of 1979.

In retrospect, I know all of us of the Gang of 1979 made contracts back in those days to keep in touch etherically and to give each other synchronistic visits from time to time so as to solidify the unseen portions of reality for one another. But even after all these years, it is still a “hoot and a half”, as you are prone to hear in the sacred hills of Eureka Springs, Arkansas, when you actually experience it.

For me, it is in experiences just such as this one where I find the truth of a reality that rings so joyously within my soul. I know some might say, this “experience”, as I call it, is a simple memory and I have a vivid imagination. You know, I used to buy into that myself. I used to allow the beliefs of others to talk me out of what I KNOW I personally experience, and I used to feel disenfranchised of my own truth and my own personal power. But no longer.

It has been a “long night’s journey” in this lifetime coming into my True Full Self, and learning to take possession and control of my own power and truth, but it is trek I would choose again no matter how hard I had to stand up and fight for the right to do so; for it has brought me to where I am today.

And TODAY… I AM walking my Sacred Spiritual Path. And that is a feeling, and a truth, I can without doubt say, compares to no other.

Who knows? Maybe, just maybe… THAT is the message of The Cathars!


[i]  Mother insisted I share her “energy” name of those days with you all.