An Introduction & A Reminder


I would like to take a quick moment to introduce myself and explain a bit about the work and information you will find here at this site……….

Shambahalla New Earth

I AM………….. Essence Ka tha’ras

I AM a Spiritual Growth Guide and Awakening Facilitator

I do many different types of energy work, Intuitive Readings, including Akashic Readings, and I AM a Conduit of Energy and an Agent of Communication for “Etheric Be-ings” of Shambahalla, New Earth and many other Multi-Dimensional Realms of Reality.

In the days to come, I will be posting more and more information on, not only myself and my Sacred Contractual work, but I will also be introducing the “Q4” and explaining who they are and how I came to be working with them.

For now, I would like to share a bit of information they presented me with for my personal benefit as I begin this journey with each of you. Even though this information was initially given for my personal assistance, I know it will benefit many others as they step out into more mainstream factions of society to begin doing their Sacred Contractual work in a much more public manner. So in that vein I now share the following words of encouragement and counsel from the Q4 of Shambahalla and New Earth.


“We Gather,

What we share “here” is a reminder of energy shared before. We repeat the basic message to assist in making stronger the information (into your energy field), and therefore the learning of it becomes held in a much more (forward) conscious manner.

We desire for you to always keep this information in the forefront of your conscious thought, especially when interacting with others.

The information we share with you, you are to, in turn, share with others. 

Some will accept, without difficulty, all that is shared with amazement and delight, and will utilize it to move forward in their (spiritual) journey. They will have no issue with its source or with (all) the information itself.

While this is truth for many, others will be able to accept (only) certain portions of the information; each of them to differing degrees as is felt as comfortable within the current accepted boundaries of their personally created reality.

Yet… still others will not be able to accept any of the shared information. At least not consciously and/or publicly.

The reminder (to you) is that it is NOT, in any way, within your Sacred Contractual work to attempt to persuade them of the validity of any of the information we share with you, that you in turn, share with them. It is not even a part of OUR Sacred Contracted work to wish, desire, or persuade any to agree or accept what is shared. WE SIMPLY SHARE. We simply share information and plant the seeds of expansion. How any individual chooses to tend the garden of their soul is strictly their choice.

We share (caution and advise) you, that as you move more and more into the collective consciousness energy field in a public manner with sharing this work and information, there will be those who will attempt to “draw you out” into a position where you will “feel” compelled to defend what has been shared; for they will say, “It is your responsibility to explain/defend what you have shared and made public.”

While this is truth in the sense that you are responsible for which BE-ings you connect with, communicate with, and allow information to pass through you from the higher vibratory realms into your current planes of physical manifestation, it is NOT your responsibility to persuade any (person) about the “rightness” or “wrongness” of their beliefs.

We offer guidance to you so that you will always be consciously aware of those who will feel the need to attempt to draw you into such traps of energy struggle. We say to you, Do Not Go There! Do Not Allow Your Self To Be Drawn Into Such Energetic Fields! It is NOT a part of your Sacred Contractual work, and in no way does it benefit anyone involved in such an endeavor of Energetic Tug-of-War.

Answering questions another has pertaining to any of the shared information is most assuredly acceptable; We simply caution you to constantly be aware of the exchange of energy taking place between those involved in such conversations and not become enmeshed and entangled in energy that is truly about control and ego, disguised as a desire to learn, grow and expand ones reality.

The quickest and most efficient means by which to determine if the energy exchange between yourself and another, (pertaining to this subject especially, but not limited to this subject) is pure, is to filter it though the lower SNE Chakras, (1st-5th, with special interest paid to the 2nd and 3rd SNE Chakras).   **Note: there will be more information about this Chakra System related to the Shambahallan/New Earth Energy Body at a later time.

Know… those who fall within the second category, those who can accept only a portion of the shared information, (whatever the illusionary reasons for their disbelief) are those who will most often attempt to draw  you into such conversations and exchanges of energetic power struggles. 

For the most part, this is due to the fact they are struggling to expand their views and accepted edges and boundaries of their personally self imposed limiting reality.  It is truly an individual and personal struggle within themselves that creates this energy they exist within, and they are attempting to move beyond their current reality’s limits. Humans residing in this bandwidth frequency, are many times searching for a “quick nugget of wisdom” to be imparted to them that will blast away their “stone walled” view of  a Reality they are comfortable within believing it to be all that is “What IS”.

These are, without doubt, the individuals who will truly require you to be the most patient with them, and who will most assuredly try your earthly human patience the most. (Laughter here from the Q4).

Do you have any questions or comments surrounding this information?


“No, I don’t believe so at this time.

Thank you very much for the reminder and for setting this more “in front” of my daily consciousness. I can already see how being vigilant and constantly aware of this will be of assistance to me in this work.”

1/16/12 © Essence Ka tha’ras 2012